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6 Fun Holiday Traditions to Make Christmas Magical

by | Dec 11, 2021

Celebrating the festive holidays within the LGBTQ community is a vibrant tapestry woven with uniqueness and flair. Unlike the traditional celebrations often associated with heteronormative customs, holigay festivities embrace individuality, creating a modern Christmas that’s both fabulous and memorable. From spreading cheer to embracing chosen families, each tradition adds an extra layer of magic to the holiday season. Let’s delve into the dynamic interplay of holigay traditions that make Christmas celebrations within the LGBTQ community truly special.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on a winter day.

1. Uniqueness of Holigay Traditions

Within the LGBTQ community, the holiday season takes on a unique hue, reflecting the diverse identities and experiences of its members. While many traditions may overlap with mainstream celebrations, it’s the distinctiveness and authenticity of holigay festivities that set them apart. From colorful decorations to inclusive gatherings, every aspect of Christmas within the LGBTQ community exudes a sense of pride and belonging.

2. Spreading Cheer and Support

One of the cornerstone traditions of holigay celebrations is spreading cheer and support to those in need. LGBTQ individuals facing adversity, whether due to homelessness or economic challenges, often find solace in the compassion and generosity of their community during the holiday season. From organizing charity drives to offering emotional support, extending a helping hand to fellow queer individuals is a fundamental aspect of holigay traditions.

3. Embracing Chosen Families

For many LGBTQ individuals, the concept of family extends beyond blood ties to encompass chosen families – a network of friends and loved ones who offer acceptance and support without judgment. The holiday season provides an opportunity to celebrate with chosen families, creating cherished memories and fostering a sense of belonging. Whether through intimate gatherings or festive parties, these chosen families play a vital role in making Christmas celebrations within the LGBTQ community truly magical.

4. Practicing Self-Care

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, practicing self-care becomes paramount for LGBTQ individuals. From managing stress to prioritizing mental health, taking time to nurture oneself ensures a more meaningful and enjoyable Christmas experience. Whether it’s indulging in a spa day, practicing mindfulness, or simply taking a moment to unwind, self-care rituals are an essential component of holigay traditions.

5. Going on Adventures

Another hallmark of holigay celebrations is the spirit of adventure that permeates the holiday season. LGBTQ couples often seize the opportunity to embark on romantic getaways, escaping the traditional trappings of Christmas for more exotic locales. Whether it’s a tropical vacation or a cozy cabin retreat, these adventures allow couples to create lasting memories and strengthen their bond amidst the festive cheer.

6. Being Extra with Christmas Decor

When it comes to decking the halls, LGBTQ individuals take Christmas decor to the next level with their creativity and flair. From elaborate light displays to whimsical ornaments, every corner of a queer household is transformed into a festive wonderland. Whether it’s a nod to tradition or a playful twist on holiday conventions, the decorations reflect the vibrant spirit and unapologetic pride of the LGBTQ community.

Celebrating the Magic of Holigay Traditions

As the holiday season approaches, the LGBTQ community embraces its unique traditions with pride and enthusiasm. From spreading cheer to embracing chosen families, each holigay tradition adds a special touch to Christmas celebrations, making them truly magical and memorable. By honoring inclusivity, self-care, and creativity, holigay festivities embody the spirit of love, acceptance, and joy that defines the holiday season for LGBTQ individuals around the world. So, as you prepare to deck the halls and spread holiday cheer, remember to embrace the magic of holigay traditions and celebrate the true spirit of Christmas within the LGBTQ community.

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Brian Webb

Brian Webb


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