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Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the heart of inclusivity and celebration in Stockholm, Sweden. Explore into the vibrant culture of LGBTQ+ life in this iconic city, where Air Canada's new non-stop routes from Toronto and Montreal connect you to the pulse of Stockholm's open embrace. From the glittering festivities of the 26th annual Stockholm […]

Adriactic Gems

An unforgettable, late-August cruise through the Adriatic gems of Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Italy, where every moment is a celebration of culture, cuisine, and coastal beauty. This is an indulgent voyage filled with gastronomic experiences, mesmerizing destinations, and enriching shore excursions. From exploring the ancient wonders of Athens to strolling the medieval streets of Dubrovnik, […]

Phoenix Pride

Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, AZ, United States

Phoenix Pride, celebrating its 43rd year, organizes a range of events including marches, rallies, parades, entertainment, and educational outreach to honor the Phoenix LGBTQ+ community. The annual Phoenix Pride Festival, supported by over 300 corporations and organizations, attracts over 55,000 attendees and features 150+ performances across 7 stages, along with 300+ exhibitors offering diverse food, […]