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Celebrating International Non-Binary People’s Day

by | Jul 10, 2023

International Non-Binary People’s Day is this July 14, and it’s all about celebrating! International Non-Binary People’s Day is a time to honor and uplift our incredible non-binary friends from around the globe. Non-binary identities are often misunderstood, and it’s important that there is a strong understanding within the LGBTQ+ community, so that we can better support each other. That’s why days like International Non-Binary People’s Day are so important!

International Non-Binary People’s Day is our chance to learn, grow, and challenge old ways of thinking. It was started by Katje van Loon, and the date was chosen because it falls right in between International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day! It’s our day when non-binary individuals can be true to themselves and be celebrated for who they are! It’s also a time to celebrate non-binary identities and the amazing diversity and inclusion they bring to the LGBTQ+ community.

International Non-Binary People's Day

International Non-Binary People’s Day Promotes Inclusivity:

International Non-Binary People’s Day is a time to embrace our non-binary friends with open arms and so much love! It’s about fostering a world where everyone feels accepted, respected, and valued. By celebrating non-binary identities, we’re standing against rigid gender norms and saying, “You matter, just as you are!” Not everyone fits into the gender box, and that should be something that’s celebrated, not criticized.

Non-binary identities have a rich history that extends far beyond recent times. Throughout various cultures and civilizations, non-binary individuals have existed, challenging traditional gender norms, and expanding our understanding of gender diversity. Their presence can be traced back to ancient civilizations, indigenous cultures, and indigenous Two-Spirit traditions, among others. Acknowledging the historical existence of non-binary identities highlights the fact that this is not a new concept but rather an integral part of human diversity that deserves recognition and respect!

What Non-Binary Is:

Non-binary is a term that covers gender identities beyond the traditional male or female binaries. Not everyone will see themselves as a man or a woman. Some non-binary individuals might identify as a mix of genders, neither gender, nor something entirely unique to them. It can be fluid and depend on how someone feels that day, or it can be just a comfortable middle ground that doesn’t budge. Either way, they’re breaking barriers and reminding us that gender is personal and unique.

What Non-Binary Is Not: 

Non-Binary identities are not “trans trenders” or people who want to try being trans without the commitment. It’s not about clout or getting attention for being special. Much like the other identities represented within the LGBTQ+ community, it’s not a choice. Everyone has their phases of discovering who they are, and is it not a little unfair to judge those who are doing just that? A non-inary identity is a great middle-ground for those who know that their assigned gender at birth may not be right for them, but aligning with the opposite binary may not be right either.

It’s also worth noting that anyone who dresses outside of their gender binary is not necessarily non-binary. Some men simply like wearing skirts and feminine clothes! Any fans of Harry Styles, K-Pop, and even 90’s alternative music will understand! And not everyone who identifies as non-binary will dress androgynously or outside of their perceived binaries. For example, assigned female at birth non-binary people that still have a femme presentation. Everyone is different, and that’s what makes the LGBTQ+ community so diverse and amazing!

Showing Support on International Non-Binary People’s Day

International Non-Binary People’s Day is more than just a symbolic date on the calendar. It’s an opportunity for action and allyship. How can you show your support?

Learning about the experiences and challenges they face is a vital step toward empathy and understanding. We can be active allies by speaking out against discrimination and promoting equality.

A good way to do this is to uplift the voices of non-binary individuals! Share their stories, amplify their achievements, and help spread awareness about their unique struggles. 

Mark July 14 on your calendars and get ready to celebrate International Non-Binary People’s Day! It’s a time to show love, support, and acceptance for our non-binary friends. Let’s educate ourselves, act, and champion a world where everyone can be their authentic selves, regardless of gender. Together, we can make a positive difference and create a more inclusive future!

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