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Masturbate Away the Month of May and Protect Your Prostate!

by | May 9, 2022

May is international masturbation month. It’s a time when you can freely feel your wood, and if you’re lucky, that of a friend. Masturbation month came into existence around 1995, and every year since then, people have been enjoying their jewels every May. Since it’s been around for quite some time, you could have already participated in masturbation month. If not, you may be wondering how you can spice up your May and have some solo fun. 

Invite a Friend

First, remember that masturbation doesn’t always need to be a solo activity. Why do it alone when you could do it with a good friend? Try to make the most out of your masturbation month with a friend. You can both have a good time while strengthening your bond. What’s to lose?

You could ask a friend you know intimately or pose the idea to someone new. Either way, both can improve your experience. Or, potentially let you know that it’s not for you!

If you prefer a bit more privacy and want to play alone, but the thought of your hand isn’t exciting…

Get an Orifice to Help

You can masturbate with someone else’s orifice too. 

Just grab some lube and a Fleshjack. A Fleshjack is a great option for Masturbation Month because it has a range of sleeves that can revolutionize your solo play. The sleeves usually have a combination of bumps, ridges, and other shapes which combine with constrictions and curves to create hundreds of different sensations.

A Fleshjack is the ultimate way to spend the month because you will never run out of new sensations with different sleeves. 

You can enhance your experience with the Fleshjack by popperbaiting as you use it. Have you ever found yourself looking online for a lay but giving up and resorting to your hand? If you’ve had this happen, you know it’s disappointing knowing you’re going to solve the issue on your own – and it can be a bit boring. 

Don’t Forget the Rush

Popperbaiting can improve your longevity and keep you on a mental high as you stroke to your goal. You can find videos on Pornhub where people guide you to using poppers along with them. It’s a unique experience because you can experience a feeling made specifically for you by another person. Make sure you get the right kinds of poppers, and always remember to be safe. If you want poppers that will energize you, try Blue Boy. If you want an intense body high that will result in an orgasm, try Rush. 

If you’re going to combine your solo play with anal – try Pure Gold. These poppers are great for different reasons, and everyone’s body will respond differently to poppers. Remember to take it easy if you’re popperbaiting and if your fingers or lips turn blue – stop using them. When that happens, it means there’s not enough oxygen in your blood. 

Prepare Your prostate for Fun and Keep it Cancer-Free

Of course, popperbaiting isn’t for everyone – so another option is solo anal play. You can get a range of toys to prime your prostate and prepare you to bust. Anal play is an excellent way to enjoy the month while keeping your body in good shape. 

Did you know that men over 30 who masturbate regularly have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer?

Make the most of this May and explore your body while trying something new. It is easy to fall into a routine. We need a wake-up call to step out of our heads and have fun. May is a big excuse to enjoy your body. 

At the least, you could use Masturbation month to start a conversation with someone. It doesn’t need to be in a negative light. If your friends are a little prudish, try introducing the top of Masturbation month concerning health. It is good for everyone’s mental and physical health to masturbate regularly. The topic at hand could also lead to some great new experiences with a special someone you’d like to enjoy some alone time with. 

How will you spend your month masturbating? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sean Kivi

Sean Kivi


Sean Kivi holds a master's degree from the University of Nottingham in translation studies from Spanish to English. He specializes in writing about gay culture and its influence on discourse. Sean speaks Spanish fluently and focuses on translating gay-themed literature to English and analyzing the discourse to understand how our culture is universal yet distinct in countries worldwide. He has translated for authors in Mexico and completed case studies related to machismo and its influences on gay culture in Latin America.

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