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The 5 Hottest Role Plays to Spice Up your Gay Life

by | Dec 15, 2021

Sex can be a tricky act when we factor in a busy workday. On the other hand, trying to be sexy is even trickier at times – especially when we feel like we are running a marathon between work and home life. When you get home, let’s face it, you’re drained and ready for bed. Anxiety, stress, and problems at work can affect our sexual habits and make us even crankier. So, if you’re looking for some exciting ways to spice up your love life, we have five excellent role plays that can help you reconnect with your partner. Playing daddy and son is common, but there are many more ways to get kinky in the bedroom.  

Role-plays are fun and seductive way to keep your love life alive. You can do many things through play, but if you’re feeling silly about it – stop. Don’t feel silly about sexual roleplaying. Instead, think of it as adult toy time, but the carpet you used to sit on as a child is now your lover’s face. It’s also a great way to get easily turned on over things that may otherwise cause us distress. If we were to be arrested in real life, it would be anxiety-inducing. However, if our partner handcuffs us to the bed, it can be quite exciting. You could even beg them to free you or let you out of jail, which can be liberatingly kinky.

Are you ready to see five fun ways to reduce anxiety and keep your love life healthy? Here are the top 5 roleplays to keep you in the mood after a long day at work.  

1. Who’s The Boss? 

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your boss? Perhaps they are a muscled hunk with beautiful eyes and teeth. If not your boss, perhaps you have a fantasy about being banged out in an office. You can start with your partner by having a few drinks. Then, once you have had one too many, you can join your boss in his office to catch up on emails. You’re already on his desk being unprofessional and coupled with the drinks. It is the perfect way for him to take advantage of you. Your acts are now punishable by anal! So, bend over and take your punishment like the naughty boy you are.  

2. Stranger Danger 

We were all taught not to talk to strangers as kids. So, there is no way hotter to roleplay than being taken advantage of by someone you do not know. Pretending not to know your partner is an exciting way to rekindle the fire you had during the honeymoon phase. It also helps you become kinkier and can lead to doing acts that you would not be inclined to partake in usually. You can let your imagination roam free with this one. You can step up the kinky level by letting your partner pretend to slip something in your drink before accidentally ripping your shirt off. There’s no end to what you can imagine if your partner is a stranger. The best thing about this is the safe space you’re in.  

3. Delivery Time 

When you order delivery, you never know who could show up at your door. Sometimes the person knocking can be quite attractive. Have you ever wanted them to use you right there with the door wide open? Accepting delivery of more than pizza is a hot fantasy we have all wanted at one time or another. So, on the nights when you feel tired, grab a pizza on the way home, knock on the door, and when your partner answers, cue the roleplaying.  

4. Schoolboy Crushes 

Do you remember the boy you used to crush on at school? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep with him as an adult? In the back of your head, you probably have a faint yes. You can choose to be the naughty school teen or the hot teenager you secretly jerked off to nightly in this role play. The best part about this schooltime fantasy is the ability to rekindle your teenager years when your hormones were running wild, and you wanted nothing more than to ride the fit gym teacher.  

5. The Celebrity Crush 

As we sit and watch our favorite movies and television shows, there are undoubtedly some hotties we would love to meet up with. Imagine having access to Gavin Leatherwood. Who wouldn’t take the chance to meet him? Or perhaps you prefer to be the star and prefer the chance to sleep with your biggest fan? Whatever you decide, the celebrity and fan is a great way to keep your love life kinky and thriving.  

Which roleplay interests you the most? Daddy/son is fun, but we quite like the idea of the hot gym teacher and the celebrity. We’d love to know if you have any other ideas in the comments. 

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Sean Kivi

Sean Kivi


Sean Kivi holds a master's degree from the University of Nottingham in translation studies from Spanish to English. He specializes in writing about gay culture and its influence on discourse. Sean speaks Spanish fluently and focuses on translating gay-themed literature to English and analyzing the discourse to understand how our culture is universal yet distinct in countries worldwide. He has translated for authors in Mexico and completed case studies related to machismo and its influences on gay culture in Latin America.

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