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The Rise Uptown: The Boutique Hotel Experience in The Sonoran Desert You’ve Been Thirsting For

by | Dec 8, 2022

The perfect gaycation under the sun surrounded in desert beauty awaits. Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States, and this desert oasis is calling for you. Its home to a higher percentage of gay residents that bigger and more often visited cities, including NYC, Silicon Valle, and Chicago.

With a total gay population of 4.1% there’s a something for queer travelers visiting Phoenix. For the ninth consecutive year in a row, Phoenix has been one of the few cities in the United States to receive a 100 on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Municipal Equality Index Scorecard. 

All this adds up to a great reason why Phoenix is a hidden gem for LGBTQ+ people to gaycation in a destination where they can feel safe, secure, and welcomed. 

On a recent visit to Phoenix, HomoCulture discovered one of the best kept boutique hotels that we are excited to share, to help you have an incredible gaycation experience. 

The Rise Uptown: The Boutique Hotel Experience in The Sonoran Desert You’ve Been Thirsting For

The Rise Uptown: A Fresh Take on Modern

The Rise Uptown is a boutique hotel in Phoenix that boasts a penthouse craft cocktail lounge, outdoor pool and hot tub, and vintage chic decor with a modern twist. Upon your arrival at the recently renovated property, you’ll immediately notice the retro vibes it is giving, while perfectly balancing its modern and luxurious feels. 

At the Rise Uptown, there are almost always stunning sunset views, with orange, pink, purple, and reds spread across the sky as far as the eye can see. 

A silhouette of palm trees  at sunset near Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

You’ll notice the instant you arrive the attention to detail and effort made by the Rise Uptown to exceed your expectations. From the outdoor open bar concept with original, handcrafted cocktails to lounging on the deck chairs poolside at LYLO swim club, it’s a warm, casual, and welcoming ambiance. 

LYLO swim club outdoor bar and restaurant at the Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

Don Woods’ Say When Rooftop Bar is a brilliant, relaxed ambience with amazing views. The openness of the bar feeds the experience and at a higher level in the hotel you’ll have cool breezes throughout the evening and into the night. 

Handcrafted cocktails at Don Wood's Say When Rooftop Bar at Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

When you check-in, guests receive a complimentary, handmade, freshly made, popsicle from the Pop Stand. They’re refreshing, delicious and won’t bust your calorie count – unless you opt for an alco-pop full of your favorite liquor!

The neon signs lit up in the evening at the Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

What’s more is that the diversity of staff, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, at Rise Uptown will help make your entire stay enjoyable.

Floor to Ceiling Glass, Fireplaces, Record Players, and Striking Wallpaper

You will find your room is jam packed full of retro goodness that will have you in wonderland as you lay your head down to rest. The open concept rooms are airy and welcoming with an attached patio and some offer unparalleled views of the Phoenix skyline. You can sit and relax while enjoying a drink with a uniquely Phoenix vibe. 

A modern-retro guest room at the Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

Inside your room you’ll have a full-size bed complete with a mattress nearly as thick as a cloud. Above your head is a vibrant wall with various embellishments ranging from orange circles representing the sun and filling the room with positive energy. Or you could sleep under the flowers of Phoenix with beautifully colored cactuses that will brighten up any atmosphere and leave you in good spirits and ready to tackle the city. 

A modern-retro guest room at the Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

Some rooms have a vintage style desk and chair, perfect for completing any work you may have. The real wood, dark, plush cushions, and leather finishings will turn your hotel into the perfect workspace. Here you will be in complete tranquility and be hyper focused while looking out at the greenery and cityscape. 

A modern-retro guest room at the Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

Is any restroom in a boutique hotel complete without floor to glass ceiling shower enclosures and golden shower heads? That’s what you’ll enjoy at the Rise Uptown. And the countertops are made of white marble and sat conveniently atop mahogany drawers with extra space for your belongings. The mirror you’ll use to get ready in the morning only complements the area as it a large yet thin rectangular mirror that’s surrounded in gold trim. And the hanging lights above the deep sinks will give you the perfect lighting as you prepare for a night on the town. 

Dinner and Desert Before Your Big Night Out

Once you’re ready for the night, head to LYLO Restaurant or Don Wood’s Say When Rooftop Bar and grab a pre-drink and a quick bite to eat. Not only is the food fantastic but the drinks are exceptional. You can grab a delicious meal with options ranging from salmon, oysters, or a light selection of gin-soaked olives to ensure you have a pleasant night. 

The neon Don Wood's Say When Rooftop Bar sign at the Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

The drinks are magic here. You can choose from over 30 drink options ranging from classics and sprites to a range of highballs. It’s the perfect way to begin your night out. 

Handcrafted cocktails at Don Wood's Say When Rooftop Bar at Rise Uptown in Phoenix, Arizona.

Now that you’ve been dined and wined by people who know and love the LGBTQ+ community, you’ll experience all Phoenix has to offer. 

And don’t forget to be kind and well planned… make your reservation at the Don Woods’ today. 

The Rise Uptown Only a Short Ride or Walk from Phoenix’s Vibrant LGBTQ Nightlife

Your stay at the Rise Uptown has its perks. The first being that you can walk to Melrose Avenue, the bustling gayborhood of Phoenix. In just a couple of minutes of walking you will be in the heart of the gayborhood with multiple bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and shops to explore.

Copper Star Coffee on Melrose Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another fantastic benefit of the Phoenix Rise’s location is its proximity to Charlie’s Phoenix, the most sought-after LGBTQ nightclub in all of Phoenix. And, since the city is ranked as one of the friendliest in the USA for gay visitors you will be safe when walking to and from your destination. 

A short rideshare that’s both comfortable, affordable, and convenient can take you to other gay hotspots in the city where you’ll experience clubbing options, like Cruisin 7, a popular gay dive bar that features drag shows every Saturday night. 

After your night out when you return to the Rise Phoenix you’ll be greeted by a uniquely qualified team from our community. They’ll ensure your stay is relaxing, fun, and safe. 

Make Your Reservation today at Rise Uptown 

In 2023, gay travelers are choosing to stay at boutique hotel properties, because they are original, unique, and offer personality – just like LGBTQ+ people! The Rise Uptown is a great accommodation choice for your upcoming visit to Phoenix – from the warm and welcome staff, including members of the LGBTQ+ community to the proximity to the gayborhood. 

The Rise Uptown at dusk in Phoenix, Arizona.

With affordable room rates, it’s time to book your stay at the Rise Uptown today.

What Are You Waiting For?

Great ready to experience a fun gaycation in the desert. Phoenix has flourished into a beautiful desert oasis and is open for our LGBTQ+ business. 

Planning your trip has never been easier and we’re going to tell you exactly what you need to do to streamline planning your trip. 

A view of Phoenix, Arizona through the Hole in the Wall.

Simply head over to Visit Phoenix today and mark your calendars because Phoenix is the new place for gay days and fun nights.

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