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Tops Tips for Sexually Frustrated Gay Men

by | Dec 29, 2021

Got an itch you’re struggling to scratch. We will give you some tips on how to handle it. Let’s be clear. We don’t mean any itch – we are talking about sex. We all need it, and when we don’t get it, we can become cranky and take it out on our partners. Not sure what it means to be sexually frustrated? Keep reading. According to Tami Rose, the owner of Romantic Adventures, sexual frustration is the natural response to not getting sex when you need it. 

Not everyone experiences sexual frustration in the same way, though. Some people might become depressed or anxious, while others become reckless or angry. There are loads of reasons you might experience sexual frustrations, but the most common are a lack of orgasm when you are in the moment, not having the type of sex you want, or feeling bad about your sex. 

The first thing you should know is that being sexually frustrated is normal, and you’re not the only person in the world experiencing it. Now that we know it is normal, you need to know how to identify sexual frustration if you can solve it. You should write down three feelings you’re experiencing. If they are all negative feelings like annoyed, disappointed, or disheartened, you can look at where these feelings are coming from. If there is an outright reason that isn’t sexual, it might be that causing your feelings. If you can’t find an obvious reason, perhaps you need to look at your love life. 

To discover if your problems are related to sex, ask yourself a few questions like, “Have my partner and I been shagging less than usual?” or “Have I been too tired to jerk off?” If you can answer yes to questions related to your sex life, then you’re experiencing sexual frustration. 

When dealing with sexual frustration, you need to start to understand how you can deal with it. TO help you get your rocks off and deal with your anger, you can do any of the following. 

Hop Online and Find a Jerk-Off Buddy

When you are feeling frustrated sexually, it can affect you mentally, but it shouldn’t. Use the internet to your advantage. No, we don’t mean to jump on chatrandom and whip your junk out for everyone to see. Doing that is rude, and you should always be considerate of others’ feelings. However, you can jump into an online chat room and find someone you connect with. Over time you can kindle that relationship and get to a point where you can help each other resolve sexual frustrations. 

Watch Porn

Some people dislike watching porn. Others love it. No matter your thoughts, there’s no denying that porn can help you blow a load when you are in need. Hop on to sites like Pornhub or Xvideos, or even VR Porn, and find something that will arouse you. You know what to do after that. If you feel tired, start browsing and see if you can forget about how tired you are. Sexual frustration can affect every aspect of your day – so give this tip a go if you’re feeling frustrated. 

Find a Fuck Buddy

Finding a fuck buddy can be easier said than done. However, if you push yourself to go out and meet someone, you will connect with new people who can help you with your sexual frustration. Doing this can be time-consuming, but if you enjoy where you are and try to enjoy meeting new people, it can benefit your mood and mental health. 

So, we know how to identify sexual frustration and three ways we can fix it. Which tip is your favorite and which do you think aren’t feasible? We would love to know your thoughts!

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Sean Kivi

Sean Kivi


Sean Kivi holds a master's degree from the University of Nottingham in translation studies from Spanish to English. He specializes in writing about gay culture and its influence on discourse. Sean speaks Spanish fluently and focuses on translating gay-themed literature to English and analyzing the discourse to understand how our culture is universal yet distinct in countries worldwide. He has translated for authors in Mexico and completed case studies related to machismo and its influences on gay culture in Latin America.

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