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Yucatán Legalizes Gay Marriage and Bans Conversion Therapy

by | Sep 2, 2021

Yucatán made gay history by becoming the 22nd Mexican state to modify its current constitution for inclusivity of gay rights. But wait, there’s more! The state also voted to ban conversion therapy aimed at altering individuals’ sexual orientation. 

Yucatán’s Milestone: Embracing Gay Rights

Gay marriage is not new to Mexico. It became legal in the country in 2015. The country’s supreme court declared it unconstitutional to prohibit marriage between gay couples. However, in Yucatán, partners needed to apply for a pardon before their marriage was considered legal or even have the right to perform a marriage ceremony. 

Progress in Same-Sex Marriage Across Mexico

Mexico is quickly becoming a country of acceptance for our community. In the past three months, same-sex marriage has been approved in Yucatán, Baja California, and Sinaloa. This is great news for a country with deep roots in machismo which is predicted prejudice against gay and lesbian people. The legalization of same-sex marriage is thrusting the country into becoming one of the hottest LGBTQ+ destinations for travel worldwide.

Yucatán: A Rising LGBTQ+ Destination

Miguel Torruco Marques, Mexico’s secretary of Tourism, signed a letter to promote LGBTQ+ tourism in Mexico further. Queer destinations has since stepped up to take the initiative to train the people of Yucatán and train and develop the tourism sector for more inclusive practices throughout the region.

Queer-Friendly Tourism Initiatives

Yucatán is a romantic destination in a land of rich history. Here you can go on the perfect date and not feel oppressed doing so! The food is rich and thriving with Mayan history and culture, and the food in the region has a distinct flavor rooted in the colonial era. The buildings are beautiful and offer well-preserved architecture, and the Mayan culture makes this the perfect getaway for a beautiful wedding retreat. 

Unforgettable Wedding Experiences in Yucatán

If you take a retreat here, you get a healthy mix of culture and modern facilities. Your experience will be unique and wondrous in marriage settings. You can see anything from beaches where you can have a beautiful repose full of clear waters and beautiful greenery, to historic French-style mansions. The outside boutiques that surround the city will transform your experience into a truly spectacular event. The best part is that you can feel safe on your trip!

The Role of Pride Maya and Other Wedding Planners

If you want to tie the knot with your special someone, Yucatán offers some of the best wedding planners in all of Mexico. You can find the perfect team for your wedding in Yucatán’s Riviera Maya. Pride Maya is a company that specializes in organizing weddings to help people celebrate pride and their love on their special day. If they aren’t your style and you are searching to make the big day special in Mexico, you can check out a plethora of other weddings that will offer beautiful scenes like the Riviera Maya. 

Mexico: Celebrating Diversity Beyond Capitalismo Rosa

Michael Friedman has stated that LGBT+ visitors will be very beneficial for Mexican tourism. However, we can all say that this is not the capitalismo rosa that we see in other countries around the world. Mexico is home to the Muxe, which is a person who is considered the third gender. For generations, Mexico has celebrated and welcomed the third gender, which is neither male nor female. You can meet the Muxes here and get a taste of the culture you can expect to see in Mexico. 

Embracing Change: A Hopeful Future for LGBTQ+ Rights

No matter which area of Mexico you choose to visit, the country will welcome you with open arms. The proof is in the pudding, and the country has been increasing same-sex rights in recent years. Let’s hope that other places where our community is damned can head in this direction. The news is a very warm welcome for our community!

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Brian Webb

Brian Webb


Brian Webb is the founder and editor-in-chief of HomoCulture, a celebrated content creator, and winner of the prestigious Mr. Gay Canada – People’s Choice award.An avid traveler, Brian attends Pride events, festivals, street fairs, and LGBTQ friendly destinations through the HomoCulture Tour. He has developed a passion for discovering and sharing authentic lived experiences, educating about the LGBTQ community, and using both his photography and storytelling to produce inspiring content.Originally from the beautiful Okanagan Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia, Brian now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. His personal interests include travel, photography, physical fitness, mixology, drag shows.

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