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8 LGBTQ+ New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make in 2022

by | Dec 27, 2021

Everyone: 2020 was such a nightmare year. Let’s cancel it.

2021: *Hold my beer*

For many people, 2021 has been such a rollercoaster of a year. Just like 2020, this year has had its fair share of challenges that, if anything, have taken a toll on people’s mental health. The so-called “pandemic burnout” has been emotionally and physically taxing, and boy, people have simply had enough.

However, it has not been all gloom and doom, thanks to sustained global vaccination efforts that have seennormality partially resume. Things are slowly picking up, and the hope is that there won’t be another pandemic next year.

With 2022 in sight, it’s a good time to make some changes. What will you be looking to do differently in the coming year? What goals will you write down for the next chapter of your life?

From bettering your mental health to practicing mindful eating and cutting off toxic people, here are 8 LGBTQ+ New Year’s resolutions you can make in 2022: 

The Celebration of Light fireworks at English Bay in downtown Vancouver.

1. Spend less time on dating apps

It’s been two years or so of battling the COVID-19 crisis, and if there is one thing that we are not just going to forget anytime soon is the “Pandemic love.” Remember when we resorted to virtual dating to help ward off loneliness and isolation brought about by the lockdown measures? Those were some good times.

However, some people became enslaved to dating apps as their only means of connecting with a potential partner. But with the pandemic slowly winding down and the world edging towards a return to normalcy, it’s time you resolved to spend less time on Grindr or Tinder in 2022. 

Go out there and make more meaningful connections (if you are fully vaccinated) rather than wasting time swiping on a potential match. We know it’s hard to keep off those apps, but c’mon, you are missing the chance of real-life connection and relationships in the hope of getting laid by a stranger online. 

Do better in 2022!

2. Practice positive self-care

Make it a habit to incorporate self-care into your daily routine. In other words, take part in activities that will enhance your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 

We often get so busy with our lives that we end up overcome with stress, and everything seems to be falling apart. This could be detrimental to your overall being and make you less productive. 

As we head into 2022, prioritize self-care and mental health. Take small steps like identifying your triggers/stressors, cutting off toxic people, or detoxing from social media for a happy and healthier you.

3. Expand your LGBTQ+ circle

The LGBTQ+ community is diverse in many aspects ranging from religion, countries, and age group. Challenge yourself to connect with new LGBTQ people to learn how different queer factions operate in other regions. 

You can use websites or social media to find LGBTQ book organizations or queer art groups within your area. 

4. Practice mindful eating

LGBTQ+ people grapple a lot when it comes to mindful eating. A recent study highlighted how queer individuals exhibit more serious eating disorder symptoms than their hetero and cisgender counterparts. This condition has far reaching health impacts and can cause death.

So, avoid binge eating entirely. Try to become more intentional with your eating habits. Be in tune with your body’s likes or dislikes regarding meals to create a more sustainable approach to healthy eating habits.

5. Learn to love your body

Again, the LGBTQ+ community is largely affected when it comes to body image. Some individuals have experienced body image anxiety to the point of suffering from depression or contemplating suicide, an incredibly worrying trend that needs to be addressed heading into 2022.

Whether you feel slim or fat, learn to appreciate your body. You are beautiful in your own way, and you should learn to surround yourself with people who appreciate how you look.

And for the umpteenth time, stop comparing yourself with others. It is the quickest way to crash down your self-esteem. Do you, hun, and don’t mind what anyone else says about how you look.

6. Don’t be a perfectionist

Let’s face it, perfection is impossible. It is not realistic to anyone. We all have those off days when we miss our targets or do not hit a few goals, which is fine.

One slip-up should not ruin the progress you have already made. Consider it a lesson and see how you can get back on track asap.

7. Learn more about LGBTQ history and culture

Teach yourself one or two things about LGBTQ history and culture. Learn about the people who fought for the rights we enjoy in this day and age. 

For instance, learn how the New York Stonewall riots gave rise to “Pride Month,” celebrated annually in June. The uprising also served as the tipping point for the liberation movement for queer people in the United States. 

You can go online to get more information on such stories or use resources such as LGBTQ+ history books or documentaries to appreciate our roots.

8. Take a solo adventure.

Make 2022 the year of travel. With most countries lifting their travel restrictions, it’s time to tick off your bucket list and remind yourself how exhilarating travel can be. 

Take a break from that which stresses you a lot. Go out there on a solo adventure and explore somewhere new or try the unusual. It will do wonders in helping you rediscover your inner self and recharging your batteries. 

What are some of the New Year Resolutions you’ve made for 2022? Let HomoCulture know in the comment section below.

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