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Halifax Pride 2022 Returns Drawing Massive Crowds and Reconnecting the LGBTQ+ Community

by | Jul 21, 2022

As the mercury started to rise, so did the excitement for Halifax Pride 2022, hosted in Halifax Nova Scotia. Halifax Pride is the largest Pride celebration in the Canadian Maritimes and returned in 2022 after a two-year pause due to the COVID-19 global health pandemic. There was a full line-up of events held over 10 days, from drag shows and outdoor dance parties, to a candlelight vigil and the Pride parade.

People marching in the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

Halifax Pride took place July 14 – 24, 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. People from across Nova Scotia and neighbouring Maritime provinces came to attend Pride events. It was a magical weekend filled with laugher, tears of remembrance, celebration, re-connecting, new friendships, and memories.

Two drag queens sitting in the back of a convertible during the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

Halifax Pride 2022

Halifax Pride is a 10-day Pride festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is the largest Pride event in the Canadian Maritimes, featuring community-organized events, festival, a rally, march, candlelight vigil, and massive Pride parade.

Marchers carrying Pride flags in the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

For 2022, Halifax Pride focused on inclusive activities and events celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, and activism for the trans community. Throughout the 10 days of events there were drag performances, queer musical numbers, comedians, and a line-of of performers, speakers, dancers, and advocates to celebrate the festivities.

A group of people carrying Pride flags and signs in the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

The Garrison Grounds played host to the official Halifax Pride events, while local businesses offered special events and promotions throughout Pride week.

A lady taking a selfie at the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

Here is a look and the highlights of just some of the many events from Halifax Pride 2022.

The Bump

On Friday, July 15, the festival grounds were lit up for The Bump, a full night of fierce drag shows. Drag queens from Halifax and across Nova Scotia, other Maritime provinces, and Peppermint from RuPaul’s Drag Race entertained the audience with non-stop numbers.

A group of drag performers and dancers on stage during the 2022 Halifax Pride Festival.

It was a thrilling and exciting line-up for drag performances that were carefully choreographed. The crowd went wild with every reveal and death drop.

Dancers on stage having their shirts ripped off at the 2022 Halifax Pride Festival.

After the drag shows were over, DJ Dandi laid down beats while revellers enjoyed the outdoor dance area.

A drag queen performing on stage during the 2022 Halifax Pride Festival.

Halifax Pride Parade

On Saturday, July 16, the streets of Halifax were a sea of rainbows, glitter, and excitement as the Halifax Pride parade made its way through the downtown core. The parade stepped off at 12:00pm. This was the first full-scale Pride parade Halifax has hosted since the beginning of the pandemic, and it was welcomed by the entire community with open arms.

A man dressed up in Pride colors at the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

With soaring temperatures and clear, blue, sunny skies, thousands of people lined the streets to watch the colorful parade. The parade lasted over two hours and had over 125 entries featuring colorful costumes, floats, community groups, local businesses, sponsors, marching bands, political parties, rights activists, first responders, corporate partners, local organizations, not-for-profit groups, and sports groups all participated in the parade.

A muscular man wearing a red harness and dog mask at the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

The Halifax Pride parade had an entourage of local drag queens, LGBTQ+ advocates, and prominent members of the Halifax LGBTQ community.

A man with pink hair, wearing rainbow sunglasses, at the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

Pride flags were waving throughout the streets and people shouted, “Happy Pride!”. The entire city was a buzz of excitement. The smiles on people’s faces were a clear sign that Pride is welcome in Halifax, as people came out to support and celebrate Pride.

Two lesbians holding hands, carrying Pride flags, at the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

The Grind

On the night of Saturday, July 16, the Garrison Grounds were bumping with the beats from DJ Tranzishan, Sand Duperval, and DJ Blackcat (Toronto), for an exciting outdoor dance party. People were excited to be back together on the dancefloor.

A DJ spins music at the 2022 Halifax Pride Festival.

Queer Music Fest

The Queer Music Fest took place on Sunday, July 17 at the Garrison Grounds. The event showcased local and regional queer talent and was key for youth and families to come and celebrate Halifax Pride.

A band performs on stage for a crowd at the 2022 Queer Music Fest.

It was a heart-warming event to see people from across the spectrum come together. The event included local food trucks, games, a queer marketplace, and sex-education center.

Families play large format games in the park during the 2022 Halifax Pride Festival.

Rally and Pride March,

On the evening of Monday, July 18, advocates for trans rights mobilized at Province House, in the heart of downtown Halifax. Speakers at the rally called on all levels of government to prioritize and make accessible, gender affirming care.

A speaker rallies the crowd at a Pride Rally during Halifax Pride 2022.

Following the rally, attendees marched 1km, to Peace and Friendship Park. Marchers chanted and had their voices heard throughout the streets of Halifax, while they carried signs with their advocacy messages.

A large group holding signs marching in downtown Halifax during the Halifax Pride March in 2022.

Candlelight Vigil

Following the Rally and Pride March, a remembrance ceremony was held at Peace and Friendship Park. It honored queer lives lost and acknowledged the struggles the LGBTQ+ community faces.

People gathered for a candlelight vigil during Halifax Pride 2022.

Tuma Young QC is L’nu (Mi’kmaq), a noted leader in indigenous, queer, and two-spirit communities, and has been deeply involved with HIV/AIDS activism. Tuma was named the 2022 Halifax Pride Ambassador. During the vigil, Tuma spoke at length about the importance of equality and rights.

People gathered for a candlelight vigil during Halifax Pride 2022.

Attendees found strength, courage, and compassion through emotional stories and songs. At the end of the vigil, attendees placed candles on the park monument.

Community Support

A local storefront decorated with Pride flags for Halifax Pride 2022.

Many local businesses decorated their windows, hosted events of their own, and offered special promotions during Halifax Pride. The city’s Pride crosswalk was freshly repainted in time for the festivities.

The Pride crosswalk intersections in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Even government organizations, like Halifax Transit, got behind Halifax Pride, by decorating one of their ferries that connects Halifax and Dartmouth. The entire city was a buzz of excitement all weekend long.

A Halifax Transit ferry decorated in Pride flags for Halifax Pride 2022.

Plan to Attend Halifax Pride 2023

Fun, laugher, diversity and inclusion, visibility, trans rights, and expressions of love and togetherness are all feelings and emotions that can be felt at Halifax Pride. It’s time to put Halifax Pride on your bucket list of Pride events to attend in 2023. In addition to being a fabulous event, it’s also one more reason to plan a trip to Atlantic Canada.

People marching in the 2022 Halifax Pride parade.

Plan Your Visit to Nova Scotia

A view of Halifax harbour and Halifax skyline from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

From Yarmouth to Meat Cove and all points in between, your Nova Scotia adventure awaits. Experience sandy beaches, coastal hikes, whale watching, coastal inlets perfect for paddling, national parks, charming seaside towns and bustling city nights.  Savour the freshest seafood, produce, and locally inspired menus. Pair it with our wines, beer, cider, and spirits crafted by talented producers.

The pier in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Walk on the ocean floor and visit the #1 Island in the Americas; golf some of the best courses in the world and discover our history and culture that is tied to the sea. It’s easy to do more in Nova Scotia. Book your getaway today at www.novascotia.com.

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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