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The Hard Truth About Charlie Sheen That Almost Made the Hetero World Explode

by | Dec 20, 2023

In 2015, the breeder world was taken aback by a shocking revelation that left many people reeling with questions and concerns. 

Charlie Sheen, the charismatic and often controversial Hollywood actor, publicly disclosed that he was living with HIV. Can you even believe it? This revelation sparked a media frenzy, with headlines and discussions dominating news outlets and social media platforms. The impact of Charlie Sheen’s announcement was profound, not only within the entertainment industry but also in the broader heterosexual world. 

And they have the nerve to say we are the “double cheeked up on a Tuesday night,” snowflakes out, whiney babies because we want our rights? 

The straight world was shaken up because of virus that has been part of our lives since the 80’s  – yet we, the gays, are the problem? 

Let’s see any straight person worth their salt double fisting iced black coffee, power walking to a the office on a Sunday morning, to get them coins… Not gonna happen. 

But, that’s neither here nor there….

In this article, we will spill the the tea on the tumultuous aftermath of Charlie Sheen’s HIV revelation, exploring the reactions, questions, and the questions that was like on every woman who he’s ever been with’s mind… 

Fireworks during the Celebration of Light in English Bay, Vancouver.

Can you get HIV from oral? 

If you imagined an axe wound and Hannibal Lecter having the time of his life, you are definitely in the right place because as we wrote this sentence, it’s the exact image that was in our minds.

The Shocking Revelation

As all good gays do, we know you want the deets about this ordeal. 

In November 2015, Charlie Sheen went on the Today Show to reveal his HIV-positive status. 

This admission sent shockwaves throughout the world, but it also led to many of questions, especially regarding his past relationships. Sheen had been known for his vociferous personal life, which included high-profile relationships with several celebrities. 

Among those who had dated Sheen were actresses Denise Richards, Bree Olson, and Brooke Mueller, among others. As the news of his diagnosis broke, it was only natural that people started wondering about the potential risks his former partners might face and whether the virus could be transmitted via oral. 

To put it bluntly, Charlie sheen was the equivalent Taylor Swift in her 20’s… he left no panty unturned. 

But, isn’t it a bit shocking that the straight world could be so ignorant as to how HIV is actually passed? Well, yes and no. The truth is there are many gay people in today’s age that have no idea about what is safe or not or how to act when confronted with the virus in a heated encounter. 

What are the facts?

Can you Get HIV from Oral?

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is primarily transmitted through specific bodily fluids, including blood, semen, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids, and breast milk. 

Did you know there is something called FIV in cats, which is essentially the same thing as HIV for people, but it affects felines?

Guess, what.- it is transmitted the same way as with humans!  

We aren’t felines though, so let’s cut to the chase…

You aren’t gonna get HIV from oral. Not unless you are deepthroating Korg…

Can you say “ouch daddy?” 

The reason is because if you were engaging in promiscuous activities with Korg, who is made of rocks, you’re gonna have a throat that is more full of blood that semen. The open gashes and wounds would mean the virus form the semen could enter your body.

Wham, bam, not thank you Sam. We don’t want none of that. 

And the only other way you’re gonna get it is from seggsy time without a condom, which you know is bad because not only do we preach about safe sex via our blogs, you also likely hear it daily. 

Oh, yeah – we almost forgot this one. But we assume that all you reading this don’t fancy a bit of heroin at the weekend….

But if you do, no judgements on our behalf if you do, though we highly recommend you avoid this and all drugs like the plague.

Make sure that you are not sharing needles.

Injecting drugs with contaminated needles or sharing drug paraphernalia can transmit the virus, as it involves direct contact with infected blood.

Can you get HIV from Oral?

The answer is a big fat “you’re most  likely safe” unless you are deepthroating Korg, which we already established would be a terrible idea for multiple reasons. 

Do you think this interesting fact about Charlie Sheen should have shaken the straight world up and explode like mentos in a bottle of coca-cola?

Or, do you think our straight counterparts were thinking bigger than Kim Petras when she projected her tour sales?

What we mean is, did they expect too much for a subject that needed so little? 

Cause if you’ve been following Kim Petras, you’d know that in Toronto Kim Petras tour tickets were being practically gifted by Pizza Pizza for $11.11 with the purchase of a pizza. 

Now take that last part with a grain of salt, we are not implying she did not make any sales – just poking a bit of fun and sharing with all you Toronto readers the chance to grab some of her Feed the Beast Tour tickets for a fantastic deal!

Let us know in the comments below… Was the straight world right for this? Or were they out of order to ask such heinous questions which, to us, seem so obvious. 

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